Friday, May 21, 2010


Don't worry folks, Gizmo is still alive and well. I've just been having a very busy term at school, and due to the fact that there are no more walks, just not as many interesting things have happened in his life recently. (I was also promoted to moderator on a forum I'm active on, so that's been keeping me busy too.)

Yesterday, I heard him screaming his head off, and went to investigate to see what the source of the drama was. A great big wolf-spider was crawling along outside his play pen, and Gizmo was over at the bars, trying to reach it and shrieking at the top of his lungs. I'm pretty sure that, translated into English, he'd be saying "OMG SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER IT'S A SPIDER!"

Apparently completely oblivious to the screaming fox, the wolf spider crawled a bit too close, and Gizmo scooped it into his play pen, quarry-leaped it to squish it, then crunched it down, wagging his tail.

His collar also recently wore out, so we had to replace it. I must admit, I've been pretty impressed with that type of collar--it lasted over a year, and Gizmo's pretty rough on his collars. Not only that, it didn't mat his fur up underneath it. If you ever come across them, rolled-leather collars are worth their weight in gold. PetSmart used to carry them, but they don't seem to any more.

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  1. Yay! More Gizmo! It's always fun to read about him. Thank you.


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