Saturday, June 5, 2010

The kitty is being mean to me!

Gizmo and my cats have something of an ongoing sibling rivalry. No real aggression, of course, just an ongoing pattern of annoying each other.

This morning, one of our cats, Taz, was sitting with her back to the bars of Gizmo's indoor play yard. I watched as he hunkered down, very carefully crept over to the bars, and swatted her one. She responded by turning around and batting him in the nose about six times.

Gizmo's answer to this was to come limping up to me, whining pitifully. No doubt saying, "Mommy! The bad kitty was being mean to me!". It's like it never once occurs to him that I  SEE him starting it. The limp was a nice touch too--I had no idea that a well-deserved swat on the nose could make you limp.


  1. LMAO! Sounds like my cat Buster - he starts stuff with Chester, our other male cat, then plays the drama queen when he gets smacked around. I caught him at it one day, and I said, "Buster, don't start something you can't finish." If looks could kill....

  2. "He hit me baaaack!! Waaaah!"

  3. Ha! My italian greyhound does the same thing with our german sheperd! She'll snap at him because he has a toy she wants, and he'll ignore her like nothing is going on (she's only 7 lbs, when he's 110 lbs, and her snapping doesn't phase him. He just ignores her) and because she didn't get the toy, she'll limp over to me like she's hurt. A couple minutes later, she's either forgot which leg is "hurt" and will limp with the other leg, or she will forget she's "hurt" altogether.


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