Pet Fox Care

A Message For Prospective Fox Owners
The Daily Health Check
Animals And Children
The Importance Of Collars And Tags

Choosing A Fox:
What Species Is Best?
Male or Female?

Diet And Nutrition:
What To Feed A Fox: Why Meat Is Important
What NOT To Feed A Fox
Feeding Meat: Raw Or Cooked?
Fox Food Recipe: Maintenance Diet
Fox Food Recipe: Recovery Diet

Gizmo's Expansion
Tearing Up The Floor
New Floor
Hanging By His Toes
Do Invisible Fences Work?
Why You Need An Outdoor Enclosure
Enclosures: Choosing The Location

Grooming And Nail Care:
Nail Care Part I: Easy Ways To Keep Your Fox's Nails In Shape
Nail Care Part II: 7 Tips For Trimming Your Fox's Nails