Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Go Without Me!

Tonight I went to take the dog for a walk, and made the mistake of walking her right past Gizmo's window. The poor little guy started to wail and howl since she was getting a walk and he wasn't. Poor little guy; I really wish I could've taken him with me. He needs the exercise, and it was a lovely evening.

When we got back, he "wasn't speaking" to me. Every time I'd go to talk to him, he'd squeal and run into his play-tunnel. He kept that up until it was time for his dinner, then suddenly he was all friendly again.


  1. I've had my dog do the exact same thing. If I go outside without him it's as if I shaved him bald and sent him to school!
    We sure love your blog!

  2. Hello! We have a fennec fox and he have his own blog too :) I like a lot your posts, congratulations for gizmo, is so cute!



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