Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gizmo's on Twitter

For those of you who are interested in me and Gizmo's day-to-day minutiae, I've started a Twitter for us. Our screenname on there is, unsurprisingly, "GizmoTheFox".

It's mostly about Gizmo, but I'll also throw in little tidbits here and there about what's going on with me (Like a few days ago, when I saw an American Kestrel sitting on a mailbox in my neighborhood. Falcons are cool.)

I'm happy to answer any quick questions you have over Twitter. Honestly, for things that only need short replies, it'll probably be the most efficient way of getting them.


  1. Does this mean no more Gizmo blogs? :(

  2. No, there'll be more. I've just been lazy, that's all. Here, I'll post a new one right now. Give me a few minutes to write it up. :)

  3. Hooray! Thank you, Ragtatter. I don't- I won't follow Twitter, so if the only updates came there... no more Gizmo tales. That would make me sad.

  4. Yea, we love Gizmo, and have missed his blog; are you guys doing okay?


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