Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Gizmo!

Today is Gizmo's birthday--he's two years old today!

This past year has been a particularly crazy one, but he's in good health, for which I'm thankful.

To celebrate, he got pancakes for dinner, and a brand new toy. The pancakes were small ones (3-4" in diameter), so I just put a little stack of them in his bowl. It turns out, there is a proper etiquette for eating pancakes that I was entirely unaware of.

First, you take each individual pancake out of the dish, and lay them in a line, taking special care to lick each one. Then, you make a little stack with them and set your brand new ball on top of the stack. Then you pick the ball back up, set it in your food dish, and wolf down the pancakes, pausing after each one to squeal loudly.

I'll need to remember this for the next time I'm served pancakes.


  1. Gizmo sounds like such a sweetie <3
    Happy birthday Gizmo! =D

  2. Thank you for sharing with us all how to eat pancakes. I feel like until now I must have looked so uncultured!

    Happy birthday Gizmo! I would say I hope all of your birthday wishes come true but I think with the pancakes and the toys they already have!
    Harry, Elspeth and Elina

  3. Happy Birthday, Gizmo!


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