Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Floor

Due to Earthquake Gizmo hitting the indoor play yard yesterday, we had to get rid of the vinyl flooring we were using for the bottom of his pen. Since he's learned that ripping up vinyl is fun, we decided that replacing it with more vinyl probably wouldn't work very well.

Instead, we bought several... gah, I don't know the name of them. They're hardboard panels with a white plastic-coating on one side to make them water-resistant. From what I understand, they used to be a pretty popular thing to use as walls in a bathroom, but they've fallen out of favor.

Anyway, my mom and my little brother were kind enough to help me install the new floor. (My mom was also kind enough to finance it, since money is kind of tight for me at the moment.) It's not a perfect fix. To start with, the new panels are white, so they'll easily show the dirt. Gizmo's already discovered that if he reaches out of his pen and sticks his paw in one of the potted plants nearby, he can leave footprints. Luckily it's slick and water-resistant, so I can clean up his little "art projects". There's also one or two seams in it, but we've protected the floor underneath them with more vinyl, and they're laying flush enough that hopefully the kid won't notice them and dig at them.

When we first let Gizmo back into his big indoor pen, he discovered that the new flooring was slippery. He then proceeded to spend the next few hours running and hitting the breaks to slide, and jumping off of his play cube and sliding. Lots of warbling and squealing and windmilling his tail. I sure hope he doesn't get the idea that if he ruins his floor, we'll buy him one that's more fun to play on.

In other news, Gizmo is liking his new diet food. Hopefully we'll have him back to being trim and in-shape in no time!

Displaying the proper technique for enjoying furniture.


  1. Just so other people who read this know what to shop for, I think the material you used is called "FRP board." It means fiberglass-reinforced plastic and yeah, it's pretty durable stuff.

  2. You said Gizmo is a red fox? Is he full red? I have a gray fox kit, and I'm waiting to be this great creature you keep describing! He seems full of love and adventure. I'm having a hard time getting Misha to come out of a hidy hole. He always burrows up regardless of where I put him. He is also snippy and a bit nervous. This wears off with continuous love and handling right? lol Just looking for a little experienced reassurance.
    Also, since Misha is still a kit I have been following your recipe to an extent and adding wet cat/dog food. About when did you switch to just a diet of meat, etc for Gizmo?
    Thanks so much.


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