Friday, February 12, 2010

Tearing Up The Floor

Today when I went to school, I left Gizmo in his indoor play-yard to entertain himself for a few hours. It's big, it's full of toys, it's got a nice big water-bowl, it has a playcube, and it has a tunnel.

Well, apparently all of that wasn't quite entertaining enough for him, since he felt the need to start pulling up the vinyl flooring under it, and shredding it. Luckily, the vinyl was just down on top of the regular wood floor to protect it, but still.

He was looking pretty proud of himself, too. "Hey mommy! Look at what I did!"

What I don't get is that the vinyl was laying smooth and flat, with the heavy weight of the play yard holding it down. How on earth did he even get a fanghold to start tearing it in the first place?


  1. LOL~! Maybe he was treasure hunting? So cute!

  2. Haha! "looking proud of himself"

    I love this!


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