Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're Back!

Sorry about the downtime--we should be back online for good now, though.

Gizmo did something adorable today. One of the cats had hopped up onto his chair, and she hissed at him when he walked up.

Well, Gizmo laid his ears back, arched his back, and held his tail up high, and then started to rub against the chair and the wall next to it, looking up at her. He was mimicking the "snuggly cat" body language perfectly.

"I'm a kitty too! Look! I'm not a fox! I'm a kitty! See?"

It wasn't his typical "I'm rubbing on things I like that I want to smell like me" thing, either. He seriously changed they way he held himself and his tail and his motion and everything. I wish I could've had a video of it.

Unfortunately, he tried this with the cat that hates our other cats, so all he got for his trouble was a pawful of claws right on his nose.

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