Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How To Remove A Ragtatter From Your House

Gizmo had a troubling problem on his paws. A Ragtatter had crawled into his cabin and made herself comfortable, and didn't seem to want to come out!

Now, Gizmo has a strict no-non-Gizmos-allowed policy about his cabin. If you're in there, and you're not him, you shouldn't be. First he sat on the roof of it and screamed for a while. When that didn't work, he ran in, grabbed my sleeve, and started to tug on me. I patted his head and told him how cute he was, but I still didn't budge.

He left out the door for a little bit, grumbling. Then, a minute or so later, I heard him squeaking one of his squeaky balls. He was right outside the door, but at an angle where I couldn't see him. I peeked out to investigate, and he ran up, tapped my hand with the ball, then backed away a few more steps, still squeaking it frantically.

Realizing what he was doing, I decided to humor him and crawled out after him, reaching for the ball. He walked backwards, leading me almost as far as the slide, then dropped the ball, darted past me, and planted his rump right in the doorway of his cabin, blocking me from going back in.

Also, instead of a photo of him today, I'm uploading this lovely image that someone e-mailed me

The file name is "Gizmo saving Ragtatter", so apparently he's rescuing me. From the guy who's on fire. Now, I don't know the context; was the guy on fire to begin with, or did Gizmo set him on fire somehow and I'll later be sued for it? What happened to my one leg? Is Gizmo an anthropomorph in this?

All I know is that I really lol'd when I opened it. A big thanks to bunnieboo43 for the picture of Gizmo being heroic!

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  1. One of these days you're going to turn around and he'll be sitting there with a bag of treats and a clicker held in his mouth, thinking "Soon, the world will be mine!"


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