Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pet fox Stories: You Dance Like I Smell

Gizmo won't bark at me. He just won't. He seems to think it's, I dunno, rude or something. However, we have discovered that when my brother woofs at him, Gizmo would woof right back.

Well, tonight we were working more on training him to bark on command. However, when my brother barked at him, Gizmo just.. stared blankly at him. So then he stood right outside the cage, and started to do this little shimmy-in-place dance step.

Gizmo watched him dance for a little bit, then made a grumbling noise, ran over to stand right across the bars from him, looked him right in the eye, then squatted and peed right there in front of him. Really, really musky smelling pee too, not just his normal stuff. It made my eyes water.

That "said", he turned and walked back into his play cube to sulk.

My little brother laughed, and said that "I think Gizmo just said 'you dance like I smell'."

We didn't make any progress with bark-on-command, but at least we both got a laugh out of it.


  1. Sounds like he doesn't like your brother much. Has he ever bit him?

  2. My brother certainly isn't Gizmo's favorite person, but no, we've never had a bite.

    In general Gizmo just avoids him and steals his popcorn.


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