Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sounds Of The Fox

Two new clips, one of Gizmo barking, the other of him warbling (and then wailing when warbling wasn't getting me to go in the room)


  1. He's got a cute bark. The calling back and forth noise sounds almost like some weird kind of bird. Have you ever played a recording back to him to see what he'd do?

  2. Nope. I'll have to try that some time to see what he does. :)

  3. Saw a vid on Youtube that had a fox licking the glass of what I think is his cage and I swear he's honking like a goose. Has Gizmo ever sounded like that?

    1. That's because the sound you're hearing in the video isn't coming from the fox, it's coming from the flock of geese standing behind the owner filming him. XD

  4. Foxes seem so vocal, It's really kind of cool. I'd love to meet one sometime.

  5. hahaha the warbling is so cute, starting laughing when he got peeved and cryed at you demanding you to get in there. hahahaa


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