Monday, February 8, 2010

One Fat Fox

Recently, partly because I'm not allowed to walk him anymore, Gizmo has packed on a few pounds. He's not obese or anything, but his old harness was getting more than a little tight on him. I tried loosening it up, but it was still a bit too tight for comfort. (Not choking him or anything, but too tight for me to slip two fingers under comfortably).

Well, the problem is, Gizmo has been wearing that harness for over a year. (Not straight, obviously. We take it off for baths and grooming). He considers it to be his personal property. In fact, it's a very important, vital piece of property--foxes that don't wear harnesses don't get to go outside. Ever. So Gizmo's old blue harness is very near and dear to him, and only a sociopathic monster would ever want to take it from him.

Enter my poor mom, who was kind enough to pick up a new, bigger harness while she was out. The problem is, putting a new harness on Gizmo required taking off his old one. Which, obviously, involved stealing it from him.

So I come downstairs, Gizmo is wailing inconsolably. I look in to see if the mean kitty was teasing him again, and am surprised to see my mom sitting in the cage with him, and him half-wearing a brand new harness. He was dodging and weaving her best attempts to snap the buckles on it, and carrying his old one in his mouth.

Quite frankly, I was impressed she managed to get the old one off by herself. Removing Gizmo's harness is generally a two-person job, and he kicks an screams the entire time.

Anyway, I let myself into the enclosure and sit down. He runs over, buries his face in my lap, and starts to make wailing and sobbing noises--no doubt telling me about how he had been robbed of his smelly old harness, and how she was trying to put an awful, terrible new one on him that didn't stink at all. Well, while he buried his face and cried about the injustices of the world, my mom was able to click the buckles shut on the new one.

If upgrading his harness was the cause for this much drama, I can only imagine what he's gonna do when he finds out I'm putting him on a diet to trim off that extra pound or two he's packed on.


  1. Oh, wow! Still, that was pretty mean of your neighbors! Poor Gizmo!

  2. Did I miss something? Why aren't you allowed to walk him?

  3. Angel-Hopeful future fox owner.August 31, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    Wait why cant you walk him, I missed that part...

  4. i think i missed something as well, why was you not able to walk gizmo?


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