Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Busy Few Days

The past several days have been pretty busy for me, what with that start of school and all. The first day, as I was leaving, Gizmo just started screaming at the top of his little lungs. I didn't go back to comfort him (that would only reinforce the behavior), but he really did catch me off-guard. He hasn't screamed when I left the house since he was about six months old. (When he was little, every time I set foot out the door he'd start wailing--which my family loved when I got up to go to work at 5 am.)

On top of that, his food-hoarding behaviors have changed a little bit. It used to be that he'd eat his fill, then stash away the "leftovers" for later, but recently his hoarding seems to take higher priority than his eating. He'll bury/hide his food without eating any of it, and then be absolutely ravenous at his next meal. The best I can figure is that he's working on storing food away for the winter. Either that, or he has this lurking fear that one day I'll just stop feeding him.

I got off work at 10:00 in the morning today, and when I came home to let him out of his crate, Gizmo had made a special big mess, all for me. He somehow managed to unhook the tray from the bottom of his night-crate, flip down the latch on the slot at the front, and slid the entire tray out from under the crate, so that it was in front of the crate instead of on the bare floor. How he did this, I haven't the faintest idea, but he managed it. I have a hard time pulling that off, and I've got fingers.

Anyway, with the tray gone, Gizmo proceeded to ignore the fact that his litter box was still sitting right there and peed all over the floor. Oh well, at least he's cute. He is cute, right?

Picture Taken On: January 16, 2009

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  1. jeez, gizmo is getting smarter and smarter


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