Sunday, August 2, 2009


We had a pretty eventful walk this evening, and met a few new people. On the first cul-de-sac, there was a girl doing cartwheels and various other gymnastic things in her front yard--she was pretty good at it, at least to my amateur eye.

Gizmo was psyched. It was so funny. He kept making his "Arf?" noise, looking at me, looking back at her, and wagging his tail wildly. It's like he was going "Whoa! Wow! Did you see that? Wow! Hey! She just did it again! Wow!"

After we had passed the park, a car actually pulled over to ask if he was a fox, and to ask questions about him. This used to happen a ton when he was little, but it doesn't happen very often now. The low purr of the engine was scaring him, so he climbed me and stuck his nose down the neck of my shirt like he always does when he's scared.

We stopped to play in the park on the way back home, and we ran into Kibby, the little cairn terrier that Gizmo has made friends with. She's cream-colored with black ears, and is absolutely adorable.

Tomorrow I'm going to work more with him on his tricks; it's been a while since I really focused on training with him, and he's starting to get a bit "fuzzy" on the tricks he knows. Might as well polish them up, and work on a few new ones if he seems to be in the mood for it.

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