Friday, July 31, 2009

A visit from the Sheriff

I had to work today until after 9:00, so my mom and my aunt Joey ended up walking Gizmo tonight instead.

Well, while they were walking him, turns out the Sheriff pulled up next to them, and said they were "just the people he was looking for".

Seems someone called and complained, saying that every dog in the neighborhood was barking at Gizmo. Odd, seeing as how no dogs were barking at all; there wasn't even anybody else out walking.

My mom explained that we want to be 100% compliant with Gizmo, and asked what law we were breaking by walking him on the sidewalk on a short leash, and the Sheriff replied none. She said the guy was rather friendly, petted Gizmo a bit, and asked all the usual questions about him ("How old is he? Was he a rescue?" etc.) At the end of it, he said we weren't doing anything wrong, and said he'd go have a talk with the people who made the complaint.

I have to admit, stuff like this gets on my nerves. Gizmo wasn't doing anything wrong at all, so someone had to invent a problem that wasn't even happening just to try and get us in trouble. Not only is it irritating, it can also be harmful. If the sheriff is tied up talking to us, he's not available in case some one actually needs his help. There are better things for law enforcement to be doing than responding to false claims about animals. The people who made that phonecall were wasting not just our time, but his.

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