Monday, August 30, 2010

Pet Fox Stories: Pancake Goblins

This morning, in addition to his regular food, I gave Gizmo two small pancakes. Pancakes are by FAR his favorite food; he's the only canine I've ever met who will ignore bacon to eat pancakes. Well, he scooped up the pancakes out of the bowl, squealed in excitement, then ran and stashed them inside his play tunnel. He also put a tennis ball on top of them to "bury" them so I wouldn't see them.

He then wolfed down his breakfast burger, picked up the empty dish, and carried it to me, making his best little sobbing noises. Pancake Goblins had stolen his pancakes out of the dish, so I should totally give him two MORE pancakes to make up for it.

I entered the pen, and pointed out his "hidden" pancakes. He responded by gekkering at me, scooped up the pancakes, "hid" them again (in the corner behind his litterbox this time), and then once again brought me the empty bowl and looked his most pathetic.


  1. Hahah ohhh Gizmo! He is the perfect example of just how intelligent foxes are! I've showed all my friends your blog to help people to see how wonderful foxes really are!

  2. That was hilarious to read! XD Your fox is really a sly one, it must be wonderful to share your life with such a smart animal^^

  3. Ha ha my dog does that with pieces of meat sometimes

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