Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Gizmo Video!

I've gotten a lot of requests to try and get a recording of some of the noises Gizmo makes. A lot of the time, if I'm outside the play pen and he's in it and wants to play, he'll start trilling and barking at me.

We tried to get him to do that on camera, but didn't have much luck. Still, the end video was cute, so I uploaded it anyway. Enjoy!


  1. It is not wants to be free, it's a wild animal, it should be in the nature... why do stupid people keep wild animals as pets??? are you completely idiot? keep a dog, a cat, a hamster...whatever you'd like, but not a fox...why aren't you keeping a grizzly or a whale??? it's the same :'( poor little foxy...

    1. ...Dogs are wild animals. Cats, horses, mice, even fish. Wild animals. They're been D-O-M-E-S-T-I-C-A-T-E-D. Which is what people are trying to do with these foxes. There's nothing wrong with it, provided they're not abusing the animals.

    2. I completely agree with Nerisan. Every pet that we have today was once a wild animal, and was domesticated. At least people like this are domesticating foxes for companionship, and not so they can strap them to a wagon and make them pull them around or attach them to a plow to till fields, like humans did with oxen and horses and mules. There is no need to call fox owners stupid or idiotic, especially when your argument is as hypocritical as that. There is nothing wrong with domesticating foxes, as long as they are being treated right and are loved greatly.

  2. i have seen mountain lions, lions, monkeys, snakes, squirrels, wallaby, and even raccoons. i had a pet raccoon. there is nothing wrong with having an exotic pet. i have to say the fox is very cute.

  3. I also agree with Nerisan. Gizmo looks silly.Looks happy to me as well besides being excited to see you and wanting out to play an visit. lol


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