Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiter! This ISN'T What I Ordered!

Last night, I was out of Gizmo's noms, so I had to improvise real quick for his dinner. Instead of his usual home-made goodness, I gave him some tuna and a crumbled-up biscuit.

Gizmo wasn't pleased.

He stuck his nose in the foodbowl, then made his typical little high-pitched grumbling "I'm not happy" noises and stared at me.

"Sorry, kiddo. That's what you're getting."

He then pulled the bowl out of his holder and started to gently clang it against the front bars of his cage, growling. I walked over, kneeled down, opened the door, and went to take the bowl. He handed it over obligingly, his tail wagging.

I just clicked it back into the holder and shut the door again.

He heaved a HUGE sigh, and ate the food, still grumbling.

The funny thing is, most pet dogs or cats would give their left front paw for a tuna dinner; you know your pet is spoiled when fresh fish is "not as good as what I usually get."

Picture Taken On: October 7th, 2008

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  1. XD Wow. I've never seen or heard a pet unhappy with what it gets for supper. Lilly and Holly always eat their stuff straight away. Then again, that's just dog food.


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