Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Very Difficult Egg

Gizmo really, really loves hardboiled eggs; they're just about his favorite thing ever. I offered one to him through the bars of his cage--as in he had to stick his little fuzzy nose through the bars to get it. I also didn't bend over to give it to him, so he was standing up on his hind legs.
The thing is, he grabbed the egg at the wrong angle, so when he went to pull it through, it wouldn't clear the bars. (if he'd turned it in his jaw a bit, this problem would be fixed). So there he was, standing on his hind legs, holding the egg, and letting out this frustrating, high-pitched whining noise.

I was laughing, and I reached to try and help him, but the whining took on a growling note when I did (after all, it was obvious that I was going to STEAL the egg right out of his jaws, nevermind the fact that I'd just given it to him), so I decided to just let him figure this one out for himself.

After about a minute, the shell on part of the egg cracked enough for him to get it through the bars, so he let out a little victory shout and ran back to his cabin to eat it.

I really, really wish I'd gotten it on camera. Him standing on his hind legs, "stuck" by his nose, was just too cute.

Picture Taken On: October 7, 2008

P.S. I'm a big World of Warcraft player, and some of my guildmates on the Titanfist Clan (Earthen Ring Server) don't believe that it's me.

So, let me officially state, that I play Harpyr, Fanterfora, and other alts associated with them. Hi guys!


  1. Love your little fox, I was reading the stories after looking up the fox diet online. I live in Urban London and have a fox come by my window sometimes for some chicken meat and bones (nicknamed 'Zip'). Gizmo it cute and also a pet name I've been waiting to use. Currently though I own a house rabbit called Bella so no pet fox for me! I wasn't going to comment originally but then I saw your WOW note.. Lol.. I played WOW a while back also. You should put up a gallery link on the webpage so we can look at all the foxy photos in one go!

  2. Haha, what an adorable animal. You've helped me make up my mind. I'll be getting a fox in the near future, thanks to you and Gizmo. By the way, mind if I steal the name Gizmo for my hunter's fox in WoW? :) hehe

  3. do you give him hard boiled eggs with the shell still on or do you peel the shell off first? I just thought that if he ate the shell the pieces might hurt his little throat or something, just wondering :)


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