Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Bad Deal

Today, when I went out to play with Gizmo in his yard, he gave me a suspicious look and proceeded to move every single toy from out in the play-yard, to stashed inside his little wooden cabin. (As the rest of you know, I'm a notorious theif, and my sole purpose in life is to steal all of his toys.)

Well, I wasn't about to just sit there and not play with anything, so I picked up a large chunk of mulch (about 3 by 4 inches), and started tapping it against the bars. I dragged it across the ground, I threw it up in the air and caught it, etc. I had a new toy! Gizmo was immediately glued to me, trying to get a better look at what I was playing with.

I let him paw at the chunk of mulch, sniff at it, lick it, but I wouldn't let him take it from me. He tried in vain to snatch it, to beg for it, to get it SOMEHOW, but I wouldn't hand it over to him.

Finally, he ran into his house, and came out with a ball in his mouth. Very carefully, he crept foreward with the ball, and set it gently in my lap, then went again to take the piece of mulch. This time I handed it to him, and picked up the ball.

Victorious, Gizmo let out a gleeful little squeal and ran back to his house, carrying the prize in his mouth. He hopped up onto the roof to get a better look at the amazing, wonderful toy he had just tricked me out of.

It was hilarious. You could see the exact instant he realized what he'd traded his ball for.

He launched himself off the roof, gekkering angrily, and ran back to me. His ears were laid back, his pupils were huge, and he was gekkering as loudly as his little lungs could manage. Me, being the cruel, hateful, evil person I am, had TRICKED him. No, worse, I had robbed him.

I made him sit, which he did so grundgingly, then I handed the ball back to him. He ran and stashed it in his cabin, then came out, got the chunk of mulch, and stashed that away too so I couldn't play with it, either.

Something tells me I won't be allowed to play with any of his toys for a while.

Picture Taken On:  August 24, 2009


  1. That is both hilarious and priceless at the same time. I wish I'd been there to see it.

  2. That was absolutely hysterical. I laughed.

  3. That's an absolutely adorable story. Although now that he's learning how to barter things, I'd keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't learn how to call out for pizza...

  4. Haha that would have been hilarious! I'm imagining a look of disgust and hatred come across his face

  5. This is adorable, but also very interesting. Maybe I'm seeing too much into this, but it does show that not only do foxes show that they understand "ownership" (which is much more obvious), but also the idea of trading for an object. Also, being cheated by gypsy evil owners! Rargh!

    (No offense to gypsies, that statement was meant in jest)

  6. Ahaha what a clever boy!
    They really are intelligent animals - one day I'll own one! I've been reading into the Siberian Domestic Foxes.


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