Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mud Bath

Ha, I need a bath.

There's a very nice old lady who lives on the corner that Gizmo just adores. Well, tonight on our walk, she was out tending to her garden, and Gizmo wanted to say "hi", so we went to chat with her for a little bit.

Well, I hadn't been talking to her very long before Gizmo got bored, so I sat down to play with him during the conversation. While I was talking to her, he was doing the "Rawr! I am a ferocious beasty!" thing and mouthing on my arm and making cute little grr noises. Every now and then I would take my other hand and just roll him off his feet for the heck of it. You could tell he was having a blast.

Well, he got a bit over-excited, and dashed to the end of his leash, plowing into her recently-watered soil. Before I had a chance to react, the same (now covered in mud) Gizmo launched himself into my lap, and started licking my face all over.

Guess he thought I needed the mud-bath as much as he did.

Picture Taken On: January 16th, 2009

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