Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bath Day!

Gizmo got his bath today, with all the screaming and hysterics that that usually entails. You'd think after it being a weekly occurrence since he was eight weeks old, he'd have gotten used to it by now. Still, it's totally worth it. His coat is absolutely gorgeous right after a bath, and it helps to remove some of the foxy smell.

After his walk today, I was playing with him in the front yard, and mom ran inside to get something. She came out with a rather long rope, and we looped the handle part of his leash around it. I held one end of the rope, and my mom held the other, and we took turns calling him back and forth. It was nice; it gave him a lot more freedom to run than he normally gets on leash.

Picture Taken On: June 22, 2009
Guest appearance by Mischief the Cat.

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